Monthly Archives: January 2011

Loving Work: Working for pay, or getting paid to work?

Loving Work If you’re going to make a living doing what you love, you’re going to need to be paid.  Otherwise it’s just a hobby – maybe one you absolutely love, but a hobby nonetheless.  My friend and guide Nick Williams says there’s a difference between working for pay, and getting paid to work.  Working…

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What’s your higher purpose?

Loving Your Work: Motivation Many people think that they will be happy in their job if they can just get paid a bit more.  In my experience, and from what clients and colleagues tell me, that’s rarely the case.  The whole point of my mission to help you to do what you love for a…

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Decisions as a factor in business strategy coaching

Decisions are core to business strategy coaching And they’re much easier to make when you have clarity about what you’re really trying to acheve.  And in the context of making a living doing what you love, knowing exactly what that is, and having a simple method to quickly decide which of your options is most…

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