Monthly Archives: July 2015

Dreams compilation

Keeping the dream alive

Hope is a wonderful thing – it gets us through the dark times, those times when nothing seems to be going right, when we start to wonder whether we will ever reach our goal.  We tell ourselves that so long as there is light at the end of the tunnel, it will all be worthwhile. …

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Briefcase full of money

Working for pay?

Do you get paid FOR your work, or do you get paid TO work?  It may seem like a very minor distinction, but it is in fact critical to living your Joyful Genius. When you get paid for your work, the primary consideration is the work, and you happen to get paid for it.  It…

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Happy family

Family time!

Here in the UK, we are about to hit the school summer break.  That means some significant opportunities and challenges for the entrepreneurs amongst us.  Challenges around the demands of families who want more of our time, and opportunities to surprise and delight them by actually making ourselves available. In last week’s blog, I mentioned…

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a bali beach

The dreaded summer holiday

It all started several years ago; my wife came home from work one evening in October and announced: “I’ve had enough of this English weather, we’re going to take a holiday somewhere warm – Canary Islands are inexpensive right now.  End of the month OK?” Of course, working for myself I don’t actually have to…

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Is your business serving you?

Or are you stuck in service to your business? So often when we set out to create our own business, we have a dream of taking control of our own lives, choosing what work we do and the hours that we work.  And then “reality” sets in, and we end up working all the hours…

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