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Three Steps to Living Your Joyful Genius

“For the first time ever, it feels like I could make a lot of money out of this”, said one of my clients a year or so ago, referring to the work he loves to do and is uniquely talented at.  Eureka  – just what I aim for with everyone I work with! So how…

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Networking your Genius

OK, so you’ve discovered what you are brilliant at and love to do – what I call your  “Joyful Genius”, and you’re even willing to own up to it, and take it out into the world.  And you know that networking is a great way to meet the people who will value your unique talent…

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Action or Just Activity?

If you want to make a great living doing work that you are brilliant at and you enjoy, you are going to need to make the distinction between Action and Activity. At its most basic, the differentiator of Action it that it comes from a conscious intent to create an outcome.  Activity, on the other…

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Passion, Pragmatism & Purpose

One of my main tenets is that we all spend way too much time at work to spend it doing something we don’t love.  A prime tool I developed to help people get to loving their work is the Opportunity Matrix – it’s an analysis spreadsheet the that helps individuals find the best blend of…

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