Monthly Archives: June 2017

5 Steps to finding your passion

If you want to truly live your Genius, then you need to find your passion and follow it. It’s actually not that hard to do, so it’s surprising that few people go ahead and do it.  Most people seem happy to exist rather than living their dream life of happiness and success. To change your…

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3 Steps to Genius Success

I have often wondered what it is that makes individual business owners jump straight into marketing their business. I see so many people spending quite large amounts of money on promotion that simply doesn’t work.  That’s such a shame! It’s perfectly natural that they want to start telling the world all about their new business,…

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Createa a business you love on a laptop

The Importance of Preparation

There I was, sitting watching a nice inspiring movie while my wife did a little ironing and she suddenly let out an exasperated noise. “I need my blue shirt for the morning, so do you want me to take over for a while?” I asked, thinking she might be fed up with ironing while I…

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Awareness over marketing

When someone gets started in business, it’s natural to go straight to promoting what you can offer people. After all, business is all about getting – and serving – customers, isn’t it? Well, that’s the conventional view. But I think that rushing too quickly to start marketing, before you know what’s really special about what…

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