30-day Living With Purpose challenge!

Launching soon!

Have you found your purpose in life?  Do you have a simple way to always follow your passion and purpose? Can you instantly tell whether something is right for you?

Or are you struggling to find meaning in what you do each day? Frustrated by the pointlessness of it all? Feeling bored and unfulfilled in your work and your life?


If that's you, this 30-day challenge is for you!

Over the course of a month I will send you a link every day to that day's thoughts on how you can find and live your purpose. I'm going to do it at a specific time, so you'll join in from the start on Monday 24th April.

That's because a whole bunch of us thinking about Living With Purpose together is going to be so much more powerful than everybody doing their own thing. We'll also have a private Facebook group where we can share what we learn about ourselves, and get support from our fellow Purposenauts.

Definiteness of purpose is the sarting point of all achievement

I’ve been thinking about the idea of living with purpose for quite some time. It’s an interesting concept and something that can have a positive impact on your entire life. When we live with purpose, we get more done, we create meaning in our life, and most importantly, we feel happier and more fulfilled. That’s why it’s an important topic to discuss. It’s also what inspired me to create a 30 day series of blog posts around it.

Over the course of the month, we’ll take a look at living with purpose and how we can start to live more intentionally. We’ll look at how this will affect all aspects of our lives and of course, I will have plenty of hands-on tips and suggestions for you.