The Busy Fool’s A to Z of Loving Work

A to Z of Loving Work
It’s here!  The Busy Fool’s A to Z of Loving Work is now published!

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We all deserve to do what we love for a living – in a simple A-Z Format, this book will help you achieve real joy in your work and your life.

What readers are saying:

“Never have we been more in need if inspiration in the workplace and in our thinking about the world of work.  Andrew has made a delightful contribution to helping re-imagine work and you place in the world of work.”

Nick Williams, Author of six books including the bestselling The Work We Were Born To Do

“This book is a new lexicon for how to build and run a business you love. If you just read and act on one of these chapters a week, in half a year you will be operating on a whole new level. This is a veritable A to Z of business wisdom. By absorbing and combining these gems into new ways of being and doing, a whole new language is open to us for how we can run our lives and businesses.”

Tom Evans, Author of Flavours of Thought & The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments

“If it’s clarity, and direction with conviction that you want…..get the A to Z of Loving Work, and you’ll never work another day in your life. You’ll simply excel at what you love to do.”

Fraser J. Hay, Marketing Consultant, Coach & Author

“The Busy Fool’s A to Z of Loving Work is an essential focusing guide for those considering working for themselves or who have just taken the plunge.”

Judith Germain, Leadership Consultant,

“This is an extremely well-written book that takes an
incredibly significant concept and makes it simple: if your work isn’t fun, either it’s not for you or you’re not doing it right.  I so whole-heartedly agree!”

Magic Friedman, The Heart Specialist,

“Andrew’s relevant and clear case studies let all readers to make effective change fast, you will hit the nails squarely on the head and know why, as well as what, to do to get the
results you want. I read lots of books and this one stands out as exceptional”

William Buist, Collaboration consultant,

“Thanks for this little gem Andrew. A nice balance of Why and How, in an easy, helpful style”

Stuart Kerslake, Fractional Finance Director

“Andrew’s book is a great tool for learning to focus on why you do what you do. Whether you are working for a boss or working for yourself this book is full of practical advice and tools for improving your focus and direction. An Excellent book and highly recommended”

Sharif George, Founder

“An ABC opus; grand in its simplicity – and it’s interactive, too! ”

Benn Abdy-Collins, Transitions Mentor

“Andrew’s book is a massive step up from the self-help books that suggest success is easy if you just have the right mindset. This book focuses on the key thought processes you need and provides an impressive A-Z of what you need to do. At the end of each very readable chapter there are some key questions to help focus you on how you will get to love your work, your business and your career.”

Mark Lee, “The most networked accountant in the UK” (AccountancyAge 2011)

About The Author

Andrew Horder

Founder of Joyful Genius Coaching, Andrew has been working with business owners for many years, helping them find and maintain their unique focus - those activities and opportunities that they love, and will produce their success, what Andrew calls your Joyful Genius! Andrew's first book, The A to Z of Loving Work is available from Amazon

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