Accidental attraction …

I still remember the exact moment I set my goal. 

At the time, I was on my own, working at a job I didn’t much like, and living in a shabby flat-share in the middle of Croydon – remember the town they set fire to in the 2011 riots?  I was on my way back from a particularly boring customer logistics meeting one damp Friday afternoon, waiting to pull my little company car onto the M40 motorway for the two-hour drive back home.

As I sat there, a lovely silver Mercedes CLK came gliding up the off ramp.  I watched enviously as it powered smoothly by in front of me on the roundabout, and my envy for its lucky owner became even more intense as I noticed the olive-skinned brunette smiling next to him in the passenger seat.

“That’s what I want” I said to myself in frustration, my mind conjuring up a detailed image of the dream life this lucky guy must have, “a decent job, a nice house, a great car – and a stunning Mediterranean beauty to share it all with!”

Fast-forward a few years, and my life had become a whole lot better. I had met and married my gorgeous wife Daniela and I was doing a much more exciting job.  As I drove home one evening, in my executive company car, to my nice house in leafy Surrey, I suddenly realised that I now had exactly what I had set my heart on all those years ago.  Exactly – right down to the very last detail!

Our detached house was set high up on a private road, just what I had pictured for that lucky couple on the roundabout.  The job was quite senior and with a great deal of entrepreneurial freedom, just like the job I had constructed in my mind for the driver of that flashy ‘Merc’.  My wife is a beautiful brunette from Italy with exactly the poise and grace to occupy the passenger seat of a luxury sports coupe.  And my new company car was … a Mercedes Benz CLK, in shiny metallic silver!

Now here’s the thing – I cannot tell you that I consciously ticked off all those items as I achieved them.  In fact, I cannot even tell you that I had ever consciously focused on that exact outcome.  After the initial rush of determination to improve my life, I never actively referred back to the dream, and certainly not to the details.  But the image was seared into my unconscious by the force of my desire for it – and so I achieved it.

The thing about the Law of Attraction is that it is always working, whether or not you consciously invoke it, to deliver whatever you are focusing on consistently and passionately.  What you focus on with emotion – whether that’s consciously or not – is what the Universe is going to bring you, in one form or another.  Not by magic, not by dropping a luxury sports coupe in your lap as you sit back in your armchair watching Jerry Springer.  Not even if your TV preference is something a little more positive, like Oprah!  But by presenting you with opportunities to make choices – choices that will move you either closer or further away from your true desires, the ones you programme your unconscious to watch out for, by loading them up with passion and certainty.

At each step, I could have taken a different path.  Instead of asking Daniela to dance at that south coast nightclub, I could have asked her blonde friend.  Instead of getting onto the property ladder at just the right time, I could have delayed and missed the moment. Instead of noticing the job ad offering ‘an exceptional opportunity for an exceptional person’, I could have played safe and looked for a comfortable corporate role.

Even the car could so easily have been different.  Because I had gone through a couple of redundancies in my career, I had set my mind on running my own car.  I even had my eye on a nice sensible Audi.  But when the directors of my new company heard that I wanted the cash allowance instead of a company car, they turned to each other and shrugged “Oh well,” they said, “I guess we can always sell the CLK!”

Not all my choices were as clear as the decision to take that Mercedes as my company car.  Some of my goals needed me to make several right choices on the way to their realisation.  But my picture of my dream life was so loaded with passion – I can still clearly recall the sheer energy of the decision I made on that roundabout in Warwickshire – that even though I didn’t actively remember it as time went by, my unconscious mind still had a clear imprint of it.  So that every time an opportunity popped up that could get me there, my unconscious nudged me in the right direction.

And here’s the thing – achieving my goal took me quite a while.  I know I made a few less-than-perfect decisions on my way to its attainment, and I know that slowed me down.  I put that down to the fact that I was not consciously using the Law of Attraction, and I didn’t maintain a clear picture of my goal in my mind.  At the time I had never heard of the Law, and I was unconsciously relying on the Universe to bring me my desires – I was lucky that my dream was created with sufficient energy and passion to overcome my lack of knowledge about how attraction works.

And here’s the scary thing: what if my energy, my emotion, my passion had been on how bad my life was right then?  What if the picture I created in my mind was not of a future that had me doing a great job, living in a wonderful house, driving a very cool car, and accompanied by a stunning partner?  What if I had created instead an angry, frustrated, negative picture of the tedious drive home, the microwave meal-for-one that awaited me, my flatmate’s smelly socks next to the sagging sofa, and the desperate attempt to drown our sorrows in some sleazy downtown bar?  What would my unconscious mind have been filtering for then?  That’s why I consider myself very lucky indeed!

So how does Attraction work?  Many people believe that it’s all magic, and you simply have to set your sights on something and it will somehow miraculously appear.  In fact that’s one of the biggest criticisms levelled at it by the skeptics: that’s not the way physics works, you can’t create what you want out of thin air.  And they are right – if that’s how you understood it, I’m sorry to tell you that you are going to have to do some hard work!

What the Universe will do though, is present you with opportunities to achieve what you want.  And because your unconscious mind is tuned in to spot what you want, because it is sorting for those things, you are more likely to pick up on them.  That’s why having a clear goal – what Napoleon Hill called, in his seminal book ‘Think And Grow Rich’, “definiteness of purpose” – is so important.  Without it, our unconscious isn’t sorting for the right things, so we end up just puttering along, making do with whatever we happen to notice from day to day.

If we want to achieve our goals, if we want to be constantly focused in on all the abundance that is out there for us, we need to have a very clear picture of exactly what we want.  It’s not enough to just put a vague idea out there – the Universe doesn’t really do vague.  There’s an exercise that I get my private clients to do at the beginning of our work, to get really clear on what they want, what their perfect life will be like.  I get them to fully imagine their perfect day, hour-by-hour, in great detail – all the sights, sounds, smells, touch, feelings and thoughts, everything.  The more detailed the better.  Many of those reading this will have done it as Module 1 of the Unleash Your Genius home study course.

The final piece of the puzzle is that it is not all about things.  If I had ended up with a different car, a different house, a different job, would I have been disappointed that it didn’t exactly match my unconscious dream?  No, I would still have been a long way further forward than when I started, and maybe in an even better place.  As long as I felt as great about it as I did in my dream goal, the exact nature of its fulfilment really wouldn’t matter.  A phrase that is very useful to add to any dream visualisation is “this or something even better”.  That stops the preciseness of the dream getting in the way of the Universe bringing you what you really want.

Because what we all really want is not the actual thing – the exact make and model of car, the precise business to work in, the specific address where our lovely house will be – what we really want is the feeling that having all that will bring us.  And that is where the detailed visualisation comes into its own – as we allow ourselves to believe we can have it, and to experience the emotions and sensations of actually living that life, we can connect and engage with what it feels like to be that perfect version of us, the person who has manifested that ideal life.

So there you have it – three simple steps to success:

  1. Know what you want, in great detail.
  2. Engage with it using a detailed visualisation, allowing yourself to really feel the emotions of living that life
  3. Remain alert for opportunities to take each step closer to the emotional realisation of your goal, even if it doesn’t *look* exactly like your visualisation, as long as it feels right.

It really is that simple.  And, like many simple things, it isn’t always easy.  But if you want the nice house, the luxurious car, the wonderful relationship and the joyful work – it’s worth putting in the effort.

Next steps:

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And second, explore the rest of the Joyful Genius site, and see how you can get really clear on the work you truly want to be doing, and the life you truly want to be living!

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