Referral Partner Programme

Welcome to the Referral Partner Programme - just complete your details in the form on the right to get your unique referral links.

Commissions vary from 10% for your referrals who take up coaching, to as much as a full 50% for some of my digital and membership products.

You will find full details of all the commission rates inside the Referral Partner Centre once you log in, along with promotion resources such as emails and banners.

Thanks for your support in getting more people connected to their Joyful Genius and becoming Busy Cool!


Note: at the moment, the affiliate scheme takes you to the website - don't worry, signing up there will qualify you to receive full commissions on purchases made via Joyful Genius as well.

Thanks for applying for our affiliate programme!

Just click on the link below to go to the partners area for your unique referral link and useful resources to help you promote the programs - banners, emails etc. (coming soon)


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