VIP Day: Awaken the Genius Within!

Thanks for your booking!

Is this you ...

Deep inside, you know you have a special job to do in the world, but somehow you haven't quite managed to find the inner resources to get out there and do what you were put on the planet to do.

And yet you know that somewhere within you is the genius and the potency that will facilitate you to bring that purpose out into the open and really start making things happen in the world.

It's time to stop hiding your light, time for you to step up and shine, time for you to take your courage in both hands and Awaken the Genius Within!

Every VIP day is different as we follow the energy of exactly what you need ... and I'll tell you the sort of things we might be getting up to:

  • Hands-on and energy healing to help with clarity and focus, and to get rid of any  limitations you might be putting on yourself
  • A variety of coaching and guided meditation techniques to blow away those blocks that have been holding you back
  • Conventional (and possibly unconventional!) business modelling & planning tools to put just the right amount of order into your business
  • And discovering the right place(s) for you to go play, online and offline, to attract your tribe without having to get all 'salesy'

I'm really looking forward to working with you!

Unless you told me otherwise when booking, we will be working at my home in Surrey (just two miles from London Gatwick international airport, and on the London to Brighton mainline train route).

Here's the address details:

115 Lumley Road

If you need to contact me:

+44 (0)7885 963156

Some Homework:

Please register for this online course using code UYG100-6EN1U5 at checkout to get it at no charge:

get started now

It's probably going to take you a few days to work through the 8 modules.

Please aim to finish them all at least a couple of days before your Awaken the Genius day. That give me time to make sure I'm a bit familiar with you and your genius before we start 🙂


Remember that free access code:


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Julia Chapman

Thank you for that wonderful day exploring me and my ideas for Bodyjoy – it was profoundly helpful and liberating and since then I have begun to really birth it all into the world.

Julia Chapman, Bodyjoy