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The secret to truly enjoying your work while making great money at it is to have a deep understanding of who your ideal client is, and what they really value in what you can do for them.

And that’s something many business owners just don’t know!

Cue: the Joyful Genius Proposition Makeover

All the marketing text books talk about finding your USP – your “Unique Selling Proposition”.  But that’s not how people buy in 2015 (and 2016!).  No-one likes being sold to these days – do you?

What you need is not a USP, but your G.A.P. – your individual and unique “Genius Attraction Proposition”!

And there’s a reason I’m calling it your GAP: it’s your special place in the world, serving your perfect customers in a powerful way that nobody else can – the gap in the market that you can totally own, where you are the only possible solution.

A special place where you are the answer to somebody’s prayers

And that means that when they find you, they are already so attracted to you that the conversation isn’t about comparing you to dozens of similar offers, it isn’t about what price you can do for them, it isn’t even about how qualified you are or what certifications you hold.  It’s quite simply about which package is right for them, and when are they going to start.

So what is the Joyful Genius Proposition Makeover?

Maya Angelou said the secret to a fulfilled life is to find something you love to do and then do it “so well that they can’t take their eyes off you”.  The Proposition Makeover reveals how you can make your offers so attractive that they can’t help but want to work with you.

In the makeover we will discover:

  • WHO is your perfect customer
  • WHAT packages you will offer them
  • WHERE your perfect customers hang out
  • HOW you will make them delighted to have found you
  • WHEN in the customer conversation you can introduce each offer

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