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Be yourself; everyone else is taken

It’s becoming fairly normal for people to call me weird.  Most of the time, I think they mean it in a good way.  I certainly choose to take it as a compliment.

I don’t really mind whether they mean “weird” in its modern sense of a little bit odd, or its older meaning of having to do with fate, destiny or spirit.  I am happy to be thought of as either.  Or both.

A bit odd

If they mean I’m a bit odd, well, that means I am not twisting who I am to fit somebody else’s idea of normal.  In my world, being different is good.  That’s where your Genius lies – in the way that you are not being like other people.

As Dr Dain Heer of Access Consciousness frequently says, why are you trying so hard to be normal, average, real and the same as everyone else? Where your greatest value lies is when you are willing to be the unique being you truly are.


On the other hand, if I am involved with destiny, that fits very well with the work I do – it’s all about helping people find the work that they are on the planet to do. Their working destiny if you like, their purpose.  If that’s what people mean by “weird”, then I am delighted to own that too.


Don’t worry …

So if, as you pursue your journey of personal and business development, people start to think you are a bit weird, don’t let it worry you. It’s a very good thing!

As Oscar Wilde is supposed to have said*: “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.”


So who are you going to be today?


*QuoteInvestigator reports that this quote cannot be found in any of Wilde’s writings, or in the most authoritative anthology of his sayings


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