Better than it looks? (#RealWorldWoo No8)

Today’s meditation from the Dalai Lama comes from the section on writing and journalism. He reflects that while journalists really should report on people following the fundamental principles of life, it isn’t all that surprising that people read about terrible things instead.  He reasons that deep down we are shocked about murders and other violence, and misbehaviour by officials, and we know that they shouldn’t happen, and that is why we are interested to read about them.

People raising their kids well, showing kindness, and generally looking after each other is – fortunately – not unusual, so we don’t report on it.  It’s just not remarkable.  But wouldn’t it be a nice world if we did get reminded of all the good stuff going on?

In business, we can sometimes be a bit like those reporters – highlighting the one supplier cock-up, not the dozens of perfect deliveries; noting the single late arrival, not the weeks on end of late finishes; the one failed product, not the whole range of brilliant successes.  And just maybe we do need to remember that those are the exceptions, and to celebrate the success that is normality.

The #RealWorldWoo series of blogs

The Dalai Lama - Luca GaluzziI bought a neat little book recently -  "365 Dalai Lama" - as the title suggests, it's a daily thought from the Dalai Lama.  My plan is to use each thought as the inspiration for a blog - and linking the fluffy woo-woo elements to real-world solutions in business and life.

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