Are you a bit of a S.H.I.T?

Sales reluctance will kill your business

But it’s worse than that.  One of my mentors has a great routine he plays with those who are a little bit prissy about selling themselves.  It goes something like this:

“Your service really helps people doesn’t it?”

Yes, of course!

“And your unique knowledge, skills and experience … they make you the very best solution for your perfect customers, don’t they?”

Well, yes!

“And without what you can do for them, they’re going to keep on suffering from what’s holding them back, correct?”

Yes, that’s right.” (notice the 3 x yes there?)

“And there are, what, a couple of hundred people who you could help … maybe several thousand?”

Oh, at least that!

“But there’s a little problem about that, isn’t there?”

Oh? What’s that then?

“Well, they don’t know anything about you, do they?  Your perfect clients, I mean.”

Er … well, no … not really

“Because you don’t like to be too salesy, do you?  After all, no-one likes a salesperson do they?”

No, they don’t!

“Even when what that person is offering would be really useful for them …?”

Er …

“Maybe even solve a problem they’ve been struggling with forever?  Help them spend more time with their family, buy their kids nice Christmas presents, take the spouse on a nice holiday …?”

Well, I hadn’t really thought about it that way.

“No, because selling is too common for you, isn’t it, you’re a professional, you’re above all that!  All that offering someone the help they need … letting them know about something that might even completely change their life”

Well, no … I mean yes … er …

And then he goes for the jugular:

Bit of a shit, really, aren’t you!

~~~~~~~~~~ ¦¦¦ ~~~~~~~~~~

Surprisingly effective as a piece of “in your face” coaching!  I know it changed my view of selling, stopped me being quite so prissy about offering people my programmes, and even about asking people for money so I can help even more people.  It shifts the focus, from “how do I sell my stuff to people who might possibly buy it” to “how do I share my stuff with the people who really need it (and so will probably ask to buy it)”.  Instead of a sales call being an imposition, it becomes something they are eager to hear about, and I am eager to share.

I developed a little acronym for those experts who are great at what they do, but stay broke by hiding their brilliance for fear of offending:

Sales Hating Impoverished Talent

So, if sales reluctance is your problem, what could you be doing to become a bit less of a S.H.I.T?

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