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"Having a successful and profitable business doesn't have to mean abandoning your principles and giving up your joy"

That email I sent ...

You don't have to sell your soul!
Last week I ran a new webinar for conscious business owners who aren't achieving the levels of success and joy they deserve - especially those in one-person businesses. 
Like I said, I see loads of very talented and committed people, who have a desperate desire to bring their value to the world, and it breaks my heart to see so many of them struggling to get properly paid for it.  Or even worse, feeling that they have had to 'sell out' and do work that's not really what they want to be doing.
So here's the thing - you don't have to sell your soul to turn your 'OK' practice into a robust and sustainable business that will see you getting properly rewarded for your unique genius and the value you bring to the world, AND getting your work out to a wider audience.
The webinar explores it all, and shares some solutions for you - and I'm running it again, this coming Wednesday 20th April, at 8pm (London time - that's 3pm Eastern and 11:30am Pacific): "Conscious Success - how to make great money in business, without selling your soul"
Places are limited, but you can still grab your spot here:

It would be great to 'see' you there.

Keep up the great work!
Andrew Horder
Business & Marketing Strategist
PS: even though I'll be sharing some of my best material, this webinar is completely free of charge.  But remember, places are limited by the restricted bandwidth of the software I use, and it will be first-come, first served, so reserve your place now
PPS: I would really rather have been able to re-run it a bit sooner, but this weekend I've been on a really cool live-streamed event with Access Consciousness and I just couldn't fit it in.  And ideally I'd start a bit earlier than 8pm on Wednesday, but I don't finish my pilates class until 7:30!


  • 1

    The 3 essential parts of your Joyful Genius

    and how they combine for your happiness & success

  • 2

    5 dangerous myths about work

    and the real truth behind them

  • 3

    Why bringing your genius to work is not a choice

    and what you can and must do about it!

  • 4

    How to love what you do for a living

    AND make a living doing what you love

  • 5

    The 5 secrets to accessing your Power

    making your life and business an easy flow of effectiveness and joyfulness

Andrew Horder

Andrew Horder is an author, coach and NLP Master Practitioner helping entrepreneurs and executives discover their genius, those activities and opportunities that they really love, and that will produce their lasting success. Founder of Joyful Genius Coaching, and creator of the innovative Opportunity Matrix prioritisation tool, Andrew brings to his work an unusual combination of deep logical analysis and an abiding interest in people and their human motivations. His first book, “The A to Z of Loving Work” is available from Amazon.

WARNING:  Any offers made in the live training may have been all taken up by the time you get to watch the replay - but do feel free to give it a go, you never know!