Discover Yourself at Your Very Best

Ever wondered what you are on the earth to do?

How would it be to really know & own your unique value?

Would you love to instantly know which work is right for you?

Core Practice is the last step of discovering your Core Being, building on your profound self-knowledge gained from your Core Process and Core Purpose sessions.

Core Practice gets down to the detail of the exact actions you take to actually deliver your Core Process, and connects your Core Being to the external, physical world of work and life.  This is where we create that fundamental balance between the passion of following your life's purpose and the pragmatism required to translate that into a healthy income for you and your family.

To quote Stuart Kerslake - you need to feed the family, then feed your soul, and only then feed the world!

How do you do what you do best?

Starting from your Core Process, we look at the day-to-day actions you can take that allow you to deliver that value to the world, and identify the common thread that runs through them all. Knowing exactly how you bring your unique gift to the people you work with makes it so much easier to identify the work that allows you to be in flow all of the time, what we call your 'Joyful Genius'!

The reason that Core Purpose and Core Practice are done in a single combined session is that they provide the “Why” and the “How” to Core Process’s “What”.

So it goes like this: you do your Core Practice. Why? To deliver your Core Process. Why do you do that? To achieve your Core Purpose. And How do you achieve your Core Purpose? By delivering your Core Process. And How do you do that? Through doing your Core Practice!

Together, the three elements create a wonderful infinite loop of meaning, direction and achievement.

Already know your Core Process?

If you have already done your Core Process, and would like to enhance the value you are already getting by adding an understanding of Why it is so important to fulfilling your potential and How you best deliver your unique value, please get in touch to discuss adding the remaining two elements of Core Being.

Each person is different, so we will design a programme that truly suits your needs.  Typically, we do our best to keep the total you end up paying to little more than if you had booked in for the full Core Being right from the start.  Just email with your details and someone will get back to you.

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In preparation for the launch next year of the new Core Being programmes the first few people to sign up will get an extra special opportunity to take your Joyful Genius to an even higher level …

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... This enables you to have great realisations and gain real clarity ... fascinating, really insightful and acts as a very useful guide in my life/business.

Ruby McGuire
Ruby McGuire Live Your Life In Colour

To discuss adding your Core Purpose & Core Practice to your Core Process, or for a chat about the full Core Being adventures

The full Core Being adventures ...

What the Core Being programme will give you:

How would you like to have true confidence about what you do to give your inspired value to the world, the larger reason you are even on the planet, and how you consistently bring your optimum brilliance into play? The life-changing Core Being programmes are carefully designed to reveal the essential secrets of what you are doing when you are at your absolute best, when you are alive and alight, when you are in your own unique unstoppable flow.

Everyone has a buried talent that only comes to the surface when you are creating true magic in the world. Using a powerful combination of stories, facilitation and coaching, the programmes liberate the fundamental power that lies at the very core of your being that supports you in creating your special mark in the universe.

The 3 elements of your infinite Core Being:

Your Core Process sums up that thing you do when you’re completely in the zone, and creating massive value in the world. And loving every moment! This is the 'What' of your Core Being, and is concerned with your unique value and talent in the world - Andrew’s is “Encouraging Potential”

Your Core Purpose is the big overall goal your personal Core Process is there to help you achieve. This is the 'Why' of your Core Being, and is all about finding your purpose and passion in the world - it is very personal and often only means anything to you - so we won't share Andrew's here!

Your Core Practice is the way you interact with other people and the world to deliver your Core Process. It is the practical 'How' element of your Core Being, it relates to your tribe and how you serve them - Andrew's is 'Connecting with People'

These 3 elements represent the infinite flow of Why and How you deliver your unique value to others and become energised by your work in the world

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