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  • Ruby McGuire
    ... gently challenges you and really listens intently ... enables you to have great realisations and gain real clarity ... fascinating, really insightful and acts as a very useful guide in my life/business.
    Ruby McGuire Live Your Life In Colour
  • Sue Plumtree
    What an eye opener our session to identify my Core Purpose through your Core Process was! ... Now those words guide me and my choices. I even get insights through them that I hadn’t expected!  The Life Enhancing Coach
    Sue Plumtree The Life Enhancing Coach
  • Lucy Windsor
    Core Process is a wonderful experience to do and it lives with me ... I can now see that Liberating Courage my way is one of the most delightful and joyful & happy experiences – it is my BLISS! The Performance Business
    Lucy Windsor The Performance Business
  • Helena Holrick
    ... one of the most grounding and satisfying processes I've done in a long time. I suspect the effects of it will stay with me for a life-time ... the result is an astounding sense of 'rightness' within me ... I cannot recommend doing this process enough as the results will likely act a guide for the rest of your life. Helping You Shine
    Helena Holrick Helping You Shine
  • Jessie Zhu
    By combining his business experiences and coaching skills, [Andrew] has done a great job encouraging me to bring more of who I am into what I do (and enjoy doing it!), which I found really helpful. Personal and Executive Coach
    Jessie Zhu Personal and Executive Coach
  • Olwen Capper
    ... understanding my core process, core purpose and core practice I gained so much clarity. I am now in alignment with what truly brings me passion and joy, I have had to change direction, the result is that I am now working with clients that I love to work with, and I have so much interest in my work that potential clients are popping up all over the place. Moonstone Therapies
    Olwen Capper Moonstone Therapies
  • Dave Cordle
    What’s remarkable, and indeed delightful, about this process is that it produced something quite unexpected but profoundly true and joyful – mine came out as “Inciting Awesomeness”. I think that if I’d come up with these words before I’d have felt cocky and uncomfortable, like they weren’t really me. However, having been through the core process, even though my first comment when “Inciting Awesomeness” came out were, as predicted, OMG (or words to that effect), it really rings true. It’s what I’ve always been doing without realising it and now it’s what I use to inspire myself, hold myself accountable and keep on-track. Beautiful, joyful process. Game-changing outcome. Career Development Professional
    Dave Cordle Career Development Professional

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