Crazy Brilliant?

In the movie Pirates of the Caribbean there is a great line that I think is very relevant to living your Joyful Genius.  It comes as Capt Jack Sparrow and his reluctant side-kick Will Turner are heading out to capture the English Navy’s best ship, using an upside-down boat to trap air so they can breathe as they walk underwater.

Turner says, almost to himself: “This is either brilliant or completely crazy!”

Sparrow’s response: “You’d be surprised how often those two traits go together!”

That got me thinking about how often following your Genius make no sense at all to those who don’t share your understanding of the world.  All they can see is that they couldn’t make it work, so when you tell them that’s what you’re up to, they tell you it’s crazy.

And of course, it is – according to ‘received wisdom’, in their reality.  But your unique take on the world, coupled with your unique set of skills, attitudes and experience means that, for you, it’s also absolutely brilliant!

So my challenge for you this week: where in your life are you allowing what other people call crazy to keep you from your brilliance?

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Andrew Horder

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