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A full-day workshop to discover how to create a robust business that truly serves you and the world!




21st March 2018

9am to 6pm

Jurys Inn,  Croydon

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Can’t seem to find enough of those perfect clients you really enjoy working with?


Frustrated by your business not making the progress you deep down know it could?


Disappointed that your dream business feels like it is becoming more like a poorly-paid job?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you ever think something was not worth what you paid for it, all you ever pay is what it was worth – to you

It is such a shame that so many highly-talented people are struggling with the challenges of building a successful business serving the world.

In this powerful full-day workshop you will learn the steps you can take to create a robust and sustainable business that means you can finally stop worrying about paying bills and be confident about making a great living doing meaningful work that truly resonates with your unique genius and fulfills your individual purpose in the world.

Here's what you'll gain:

  • Complete clarity on the type of impact you want to have on the world
  • Deep understanding of what’s not working for you in your business (and what you need to do about it)
  • Massively increased clarity about the dream life your business is designed to create
  • The essential steps to creating an inspired business that is 100% aligned with you and your unique genius
  • FINALLY know how you can create a robust and successful business you can truly love!

Here's what we will cover throughout the day:


  • Inspired Business Blueprint – the 8 critical steps you are going to need to follow to create a business that serves you and resonates fully with your ideal clients
  • The Wheel of Work – an overview analysis of what's working - and more importantly what isn't working - about the way your business is set up right now, so you know where to focus for the biggest transformation
  • A vision of your perfect business day – a detailed picture of your ideal life, when your Genius has fully come out to play, to get you 100% clear what it's all for!
  • A guide to your Genius – we will go through a delightful process to help you discover what it is really that you love doing and are naturally so brilliant at that people will gladly pay you well to do it
  • Your place in the world – the level you are playing at, and what you want to change in your world, whether that's just for you, for your community or for everyone on the whole planet
  • Your inspired Genius - you will get fully connected at the deepest level with your innate genius and with the creation of a business you can truly love and feel proud of

I need to make this very clear - there's a lot to cover, which is why this isn't one of those 'full-day' workshops that run from half-way through the morning until just mid-afternoon.  Those might make it easy for travel, and give you an extra hour or so in bed, but I believe if you're going to take a whole day out of your business or away from your family, you deserve to get massive value from your time - and that's what I'm committed to, which is why this workshop (as with all my work) comes with my 100% satisfaction guarantee.