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Creating an Avatar for Your Perfect Client

The first step to getting to work with the sort of clients you really love working with is to understand exactly who they are.  I see a lot of individual business owners who start off by taking whatever work is on offer, regardless of what kind of client they are.

That’s fine, but when you do that you run the risk of getting stuck in a niche you really don’t want to be working in. If you think it’s hard to turn down the wrong work when you’re just starting, try doing it when you’re more established and you have overheads to pay for!

Finding the right customers

The best way I know to get a handle on who you are looking to attract is to create an ‘avatar’ for them.  This involves creating a detailed picture of who they are, what drives them, where they hang out, that sort of thing.  Even down to what TV programs they watch and what newspapers and magazines they read.

To have an effective avatar, you need to know pretty much how your avatar thinks in as many different aspects of their life as you can think of. For a lot more detail about the sort of things to include, see the free mini-guide I recently released, How To Attract Your Perfect Customers.

Get personal

I always give my avatars a name.  It helps me to keep them in mind when I’m writing my marketing material. As I write, in the back of my mind I’m asking myself “How will this land with Susie?” or “Will Hannah get the message I’m trying to get across?”

I even have images of them at the top of the descriptions I have written out for them. Just Google the name you’ve chosen for them and pick photos that have the right energy for you.  You’re  not going to share them anywhere, these are just for your reference, so there won’t be any issues with copyright.

You might be thinking that if you define your ideal client too tightly, then you are going to miss out on those who don’t quite match the definition.  I have two answers to that:

Description not limitation

Firstly, this is not a definition, it’s a description.  If you’ve read many of my posts you’ll know that as far as I’m concerned, all definition is, by definition, a limitation.  What you are looking for is not a precise specification, but a way to connect and align with the energy of your perfect customer.

Multiple avatars

And secondly, you can create more than one avatar – why limit yourself!

You might have a male and a female one, or several at different ages or life stages. The important thing is to only talk to one of them at a time.  So each piece of material you produce should be designed to resonate 100% with one of your avatars.

That doesn’t mean it won’t be attractive to your other avatars. The chances are that your avatars will have more things in common than they have different.  So an offer that is absolutely spot on for one of them will still be very appealing to the others.

So my challenge to you is to set aside some time soon to create at least one avatar of your perfect customer. 

Because it’s a lot easy to attract them when you know what you are looking for!


How To Attract Your Perfect Customers

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