Creating your vision

Have you ever thought that if you’re not happy with where you are in life, it could be you are not creating the right vision about yourself. Think back to recent thoughts you had. Were they positive about you and your place in the world, or feelings like you’ve hit a roadblock?

Shift your focus

If it’s the latter, shift your focus to the life that you truly desire or the person that you intend to become. If there’s someone whose life you would love to have, read about how that idol has become a success and use that as a guideline to help you accomplish something similar. If there is information available online that can help you with your vision, use it to your advantage.

Neural pathways

By creating a positive image in your mind, it sets up neural pathways to help you reach your goals. The more you reinforce this mental image the more pathways will be created. And the easier it then becomes to do and be the things that will lead to your ideal life. What requires you to make a conscious effort to do right now will become second nature the more you use your image.

Once you have determined your vision and worked out some of the steps to help you get there, keep on imagining that vision. By doing that on a daily basis, your neurology will get so used to this vision it will become a subconscious process.

Stay flexible

But that doesn’t mean you can’t alter your plan or your vision. There may be something you thought you wanted, but as you progress, you find that’s not really the case. There’s nothing wrong with that, it shows you are growing. If it happens, simply create another vision and move on from there. Your brain will form new pathways to support this new vision.

If your vision is fine but the plan doesn’t seem to be getting you where you need to be, don’t be afraid to make changes to it. Plans are guidelines only, and they work best when they are flexible. They can be changed as needed. That might be when new information comes to light along the way, which wasn’t available when you first got started. Or it might be that you have learned stuff about yourself that makes the original plan not quite right for you.

Love the haters

Be prepared for criticism while creating this new vision for yourself. It is yours and yours alone. Because people may not understand what you are trying to shoot for, they may find it hard to be supportive. Hold to your beliefs and prove them wrong. It’s your vision, and your critics are not the ones who have to live with the vision you make for yourself.

And you’ll find that when you reach your goals those same critics will suddenly be on your side. They’ll probably even claim to have been there for you all along. It might be annoying, but it’s usually coming from a place of love, because they don’t want to see you come to harm by stretching outside of your comfort zone. Just stay true to your vision for you and your genius, and when they are ready, welcome them into your new world that you have created.

Creating your vision

To help you create that vision, there’s a good “Perfect Day” exercise at the beginning of my “Unleash Your Genius” e-course – you can find that here: Unleash Your Genius (use code JOYFUL18 to get it at half price). Another good way is to create a Vision Board, pasting images of the things that represent your vision onto a board that you keep visible in your life. You could do that on your own, but I find doing it in a group workshop is way better (drop me a line if you’d like to know where to find a good workshop).

Engage with your vision

The important thing is to engage energetically with your vision. Just having it as a left-brain, logical plan is not enough. You need to get your conscious and unconscious mind used to the energy of having it, and get it deeply set into your neurology. That’s the only way you can make it feel so natural, so part of who you are, that achieving it comes from a place of authenticity and ease.

Create your vision and make it a part of your daily practice to reinforce it and bring it into being.


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