Decisions as a factor in business strategy coaching


Decisions are core to business strategy coaching

And they’re much easier to make when you have clarity about what you’re really trying to acheve.  And in the context of making a living doing what you love, knowing exactly what that is, and having a simple method to quickly decide which of your options is most likely to allow you to do that, is essential.

It’s often said, in the success literature, that wealthy people tend to make decisions quickly, and change their minds rarely, while unsuccessful people hesitate for ages before making a decision, and then dither about actually putting it into practice.  That’s true to an extent, and there’s more to it than simply making decisions quickly.  A lot of unsuccessful people also make decisions quickly – they’re just the wrong ones!

So how do successful people get to make the right decisions, and make them quickly?  By doing their homework – there’s no quick-fix, no silver bullet answer.  They do the hard work to understand their market, their clients, themselves – in fact everything that could make a decision a good one or a bad one.  And here’s their trick – they only do it once.  They focus, so everything they learn can be re-used for their next decision.

And each decision is backed up with all their previous research, plus whatever they’ve learned since.  They don’t have to start their information-gathering from scratch every time.  They do the work of figuring out the right work or business to be in, once.  After that, it’s just maintenance.  So they have the information they need to make a confident decision quickly, without having to think about it too hard.  Where unsuccessful people go wrong is they skim the surface and then make bad decisions they later doubt, and feel they have to keep checking over and over.  That’s no way to enjoy your work – it detracts from the pleasure even of work you enjoy if you haven’t put in the hours to know what you’re doing in the first place.

It’s like stock market trader and trainer “Aussie Rob” said at a seminar I was helping run – only lazy people work!  And inspirational speak Les Brown puts it even better: “If If you do what is easy, your life will be hard; if you do what is hard, your life will be easy”.  Doing the hard work to make your quick decisions good ones will certainly make loving work easier!

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