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Welcome to your eCoaching!

Stay on track with regular weekly accountability, advice and suggestions to keep you focused on creating the meaningful business you truly deserve - without breaking the bank

The aim of the programme is to keep you on track towards the business and personal life that you deserve, helping you to achieve what you set out to get without losing sight of the joy of serving your customers and the world in general.

Here’s the basics of how it works:

  • Every Friday morning, you send an email to listing:
    • Achievements: what you have got done this week.
    • Commitments: what you absolutely, no excuses, definitely-going-to-happen commit to getting done next week (keep these reasonable, don’t set yourself up to fail).
    • Plans & Projects: what you plan to get done, time and life-getting-in-the-way type stuff permitting:
      • next week
      • in the next month
      • in the next 3 months
    • Challenges: all that stuff that might hold you up, whether that’s practical issues, or more to do with your mindset.
  • By Sunday night, you will get a response containing either insightful clarifying questions, or useful suggestions for practical things you could think about.
  • On Wednesday there is a group email with useful tips and tricks, new tools, new material that’s been developed, other people’s stuff that’s worth a look, and also sometimes information on what’s working for others, especially in terms of finding and living their Joyful Genius.
  • You also have access by email ( to individual coaching on specific issues that you need particular help with (up to four times each month); and you will get a reply with suggestions and useful tools within 24 hours.  If you need more help (within reason!), it still counts as just one issue (as long as it actually is the same issue, of course).
  • Optionally, you can also get 15-minute Laser Coaching Sessions by phone/skype for just £25 each (usually £50), or full 45-minute standard coaching sessions for the reduced client rate of £125 each (usually £150).
    Book these at or

You should be aware that if your email is not received by 1:00pm on Friday, you will be nagged!


And if it’s still not received by the end of Friday, you might not get a response that week, it depends what your coach is up to that particular weekend 🙂


And remember, as with all coaching, the more you put into it, the more you are going to get out of it, so I’m looking forward to lots of detail on the Friday emails (but please don’t go over the top, it’s Friday after all).

with Andrew Horder MBA

Business and personal growth expert, Joyful Genius Coaching founder, Master NLP Practitioner, Flow Consultant, Performance Coach and Trainer, and crusader for more happiness, fulfillment and joyfulness in business.

Here's what you get with this programme ...

  • Weekly Advice

    Personalized advice & feedback on your Achievements, Commitments, Plans & Challenges every week to keep you focused and on track towards your perfect business

  • Regular Updates

    With useful tips and tricks, new tools, new material that’s been developed, other people’s stuff that’s worth a look, and what’s working for other people just like you!

  • Email Access

    Individual coaching on specific issues when you need it, up to FOUR times each month – replies with suggestions and useful tools within 24 hours – guaranteed!

  • Discounts and Priority Access

    Priority access to all my online trainings and special discounts on
    live workshops AND one-to-one laser and standard coaching sessions
    Laser coaching sessions (15mins) – £25 (full price £50)
    Standard coaching sessions (45mins)£125 (full price £150)
    All live workshops – 33% discount
    (on top of early-bird etc)

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Jessie Zhu

By combining his business experiences and coaching skills, [Andrew] has done a great job encouraging me to bring more of who I am into what I do (and enjoy doing it!)

Jessie Zhu, Personal and Executive Coach
Helena Holrick

... one of the most grounding and satisfying processes I've done in a long time. I suspect the effects of it will stay with me for a life-time ... the result is an astounding sense of 'rightness' within me ... [Core Being]

Helena Holrick, Helping You Shine
Ruby McGuire

... enables you to have great realisations and gain real clarity ... fascinating, really insightful and acts as a very useful guide in my life/business.

Ruby McGuire, Live Your Life In Colour

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