Even if you’re on the right track …

… You’ll get run over if you just sit there! (Will Rogers)

The title of this blog comes from a line by US humorist and commentator Will Rogers – and he’s right!

Happiness at work requires action

How many times have you seen people get to the point where they know exactly what they need to do to develop their career or build their business – and then they just sit there, not actually doing what they know they need to do.  And they complain that somehow it’s hard to obtain happiness at work – well, of course it is if you don’t take the actions necessary!

Plan for happiness at work – then act!

Another typical behaviour we see – especially in new entrepreneurs – is that they plan all the life (and all the happiness at work) out of their business.  They get advice from those who have already done it, people who have achieved the success and happiness at work that seek, they know exactly what to do to make it work – and then they ‘improve’ on what already works by planning and analysing it a little bit more.  And a little bit more.  I know, I’ve been there – I’ve prepared dozens of brilliant spreadsheets , calculating the vast amount of money I should be making.  If only I had actually done the stuff that needs doing – just ask my ‘financial controller’!

Happiness at work comes from actually doing something

That’s why the first chapter of my book, The A to Z of Loving Work, is “A” for Action.  Nothing happens unless you act – it’s said that the best ideas you ever have are the ones you take action on.  I still plan though – it makes sense to do your due diligence, to ask the questions that need asking.  But then I act.  This blog is testament to that: I checked out the Empower Network, I decided I liked what I saw, and I took the advice in the training, and I blog pretty much every workday – usually about my pet subject, happiness at work.

And it’s that action that makes the difference – without it, I’m gonna get squashed under the steam train that’s powering down the tracks.  Life will carry on, whether I act or not – and if I act, I’ll get the results, and the happiness at work, that I deserve

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Andrew Horder

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