Terrace in Sardinia with mountain views

Getting the life you desire

There’s this perception in the personal development and wealth coaching worlds that the only way to pursue your Joyful Genius, or to get the lifestyle you desire, is to jack it all in and work for yourself.  In reality, that’s RUBBISH!

Nothing could be further from the truth; the idea that we are all frustrated entrepreneurs is just plain wrong.

For some people, by far the best way for them to earn decent money delivering their genius to the world is to do what they do well, for an employer who has a genuine full-time need for it.  There are simply some jobs that are best done by someone in-house – anything mission-critical, or that has security implications is probably better done by someone with a vested interest in getting it right.

And for some people, their psychological make-up or their personal responsibilities and circumstances mean that having to constantly find new clients for their skills and talents would be their idea of absolute hell.  For them, having an employer’s sales team out there generating work for them to do brilliantly is a perfect solution.

We spent last week visiting my brother-in-law at his place in Sardinia.  He and his wife have a wonderful life – a lovely villa out in the country, with views of hills and mountains all around, only half-a-dozen neighbours they can even see, let alone hear, and masses of land where their dog can run free.  My sister-in-law spends her time tending the garden, picking fruit and nuts from the trees, and cooking home-grown produce from the large vegetable plot.  And all in the Sardinian sun, with gorgeous white-sand beaches only a short drive away.  It’s an idyllic life-style, one that many a successful entrepreneur would envy.

But Fabio’s no entrepreneur. He has worked all his life as a communications expert for the same organisation.  He’s the one who climbs up implausibly-high masts to make sure the kit works as it should.  Because it’s work he enjoys and can take pride in, his focus on the same thing for many years means that his skills are in demand.  So when he and his wife went on holiday to Sardinia and they fell in love with the place, he was able to organise matters to get himself a posting there.

When all is said and done, Fabio might be what many in the wealth and personal development world would rather sneeringly call a “wage-slave”.  Well, if being a wage-slave can get you a life-style like Fabio’s, and fund the delicious retirement that he can now look forward to, maybe working for a salary isn’t so bad after all!

It’s often said that there’s more than one way to skin a cat; well, there’s also more than one way to get the life you desire – and my challenge to you this week is to review the best working structure for you and what you want to achieve in the world.


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