Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019

As we start 2019, the big question in my mind is:

What kind of a difference do you intend to be this year?

And how are you and your genius going to show up in the world, to generate the possibilities that will create the world you desire?

You may have noticed that the strapline under the Joyful Genius logo talks about blending passion and pragmatism in a conscious business.  One of the things I say a lot is that “business without passion is not a lot of fun; but business without profit is not a lot of good!”

So while it’s great for your work to be enjoyable and meaningful to you, it’s also important to know how to to get paid for your genius.

And that’s a critical distinction: getting paid for your genius is not the same as using your genius to get paid. One is natural, and a joy to do; the other is, frankly, bloody hard work!

When I talk about that blend of passion and pragmatism, it starts from the passion. It is a lot easier to inject some pragmatism into what you’re passionate about, than to try to force passion into what you’re being all pragmatic about.

A focus on pragmatism creates an energy of contraction, it’s about what you can’t or shouldn’t do. Focussing on passion is about what you can do and have a genuine desire to do, it has an energy of expansion, of possibility and of joy.

So this year, find out what really lights you up, do that, and find the best way to get paid for it

Anything else is a waste of another year of genius!


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