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How to ask for testimonials

One of the best ways to tell people about your Genius is to ask your current and past customers for a testimonial.  This has two benefits for you – apart from letting others know how great you are to work with, it also tells you what people find so attractive about how you work.  And that means you can adjust how you speak about your work to resonate even more closely with your ideal clients.

Here’s the set of questions I ask my clients to answer, to create effective testimonials that really help new clients decide to work with me:

  1. What problem were you looking to change?
    This quickly tells people reading it who have the same issue that they are in the right place
  2. What reservations did you have about working with someone like me?
    The beauty of this one is that if the people reading it have the same potential objections, they are immediately reassured that’s not a reason to hesitate about working with you. You might also use your job title here (e.g. “business coach”, “energy healer”) rather than “someone like me”.
  3. What was it like working with me?
    People like to know what sort of a person you are, and how you work with clients.  The answers to this question will give them a pretty good idea what to expect. That also has the benefit that it will best atrract the people who are going to like your style.
  4. What results or outcomes did you get from working with me?
    And finally, you need to be telling people what they will actually get by working with you.  If you can get your clients to quote actual numbers here, that’s even better.  I don’t include that in the questions because sometimes it’s not appropriate or clients prefer not to share their figures, but I usually suggest it when I speak to them.


Give these a try, let me know how they work for you.


Oh, and if you haven’t yet written a testimonial for me … 🙂


And while you’re here …

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