If a bird can do it …

One of my favourite books is Richard Bach’s “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”.  If you haven’t read it, it’s the tale of a Seagull who decides that flying doesn’t have to be just about flapping your wings to get somewhere, it can be a source of exhilaration and joy, if he does it to the best of his ability, better than any seagull has ever done it.  But his “betters” don’t take well to such fanciful ideas, so he ends up in all sorts of trouble.

As we approach the New Year, I’ve been thinking about how often we allow “those who know better” to hold us back from being our best, from striving to do more, to be more, than we are “supposed to”.  How we are dissuaded from rocking the boat, told to just do as we’re told, to stick to “the way we do things around here”.  It’s little wonder that in this ‘protestant work ethic’, ‘nose to the grindstone’ society, so many people struggle to find joy in their work.

And the good news, without wanting to completely spoil the book for you, is that Jonathan Seagull finds a way, after many trials and tribulations, to experience the joy of real flying without having to give up everything his society means for him.  And so can you.

So as we go into 2016, here’s my question to you: what is your version of Jonathan’s flying high and flying free?

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