Is Your Business Your Friend?

I used to think that it was a complete myth that you can make money from doing what you love. After all, when I was a child going to work was something you had to do rather than something you chose to do. In my family, you worked from 17 until you were 65 – in the same job – that you probably hated – and then you retired – then you died. That was not inspiring to me at all.

Of course that may work for some people – just not for me. So I choose something different.

It’s all very well being clear about what you love doing and thinking you’ll make money from it – question is, what are you going to do to create, generate, and actualize it? I was coaching a beauty therapist once who thought that having a website would be enough to attract clients. Having a website is great – how often do you update the content? Where do you promote it? Indeed – where else would your business like to be promoted?

Ooops – did I just treat your business like it was alive? What if your business actually does have a personality and energy all of its own? May sound strange, but when I started treating my business as a friend everything started to change. For the better. More clients showed up. I got more ideas for what else I could add to my business, where to promote it, how to promote it. Most importantly, my business became much more fun and started making much more money.

These are some of the questions I regularly ask my business:

  • What else can I add to you that will be fun for me and make money?
  • Where else you like to be promoted?
  • Who else would you like to promote you?
  • Who else would you like to do business with?
  • Are there any offerings that you would like to let go of?
  • What else is possible with you that I’ve never considered before?
  • Is there another business that would like to be created by me that will be fun and make me money?
  • If I add this product/service to you will this make me money with ease now and in the future?

Talking to your business as if it’s another conscious being can feel a bit strange at first. Play with it and allow yourself to have some fun with it. My favourite question I like to ask my business every morning as I wake “hey business, how would you like to play today?” After all – who would you like to play with, someone who’s really serious and stressed, or someone who’s willing to have fun and play with possibilities?

About The Author

Alun Jones

Alun is a Certified Coach empowering people to acknowledge their awesomeness. Using a range of modalities he facilitates change and helps people all around the world to create the life they desire with more ease, more fun, and less stress.

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