Joyful Genius Coaching Programmes

When you have taken that bold step a started out on your own, you really do deserve to find a way to build a robust and sustainable business bringing your unique genius to the world.  But so many of us find it hard to work out the right revenue model, and the best way to share our proposition to attract our ideal customers.

So we end up struggling to turn our unique experiences, skills and talents into a consistent income that supports the life we desire.

Joyful Genius coaching fixes all that with a meaningful plan to finally create the working life you always dreamed of

Before deciding which package is going to be right for you, we will need to have quite a detailed conversation about what's going on, and what's going wrong, in your work and in your life.  We both have to be comfortable that the particular Joyful Genius style of coaching is going to bring you the results you deserve.

When you click on the "Enquire Now" button below, you will go to my online diary to book a time for us to have a 30-45 minute chat.

And I promise you, whether or not we decide to work together, that 45 minutes will be time very well spent.

(coaching is usually online via Skype or Zoom, but if you prefer face-to-face we can discuss that when we speak)


£250per month
  • Individual sessions
  • 2 x monthly
  • -
  • 12 months commitment
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2 x monthly 1-to-1 sessions, dealing with specific challenges or opportunities you are facing, leading to you gaining the tools to handle whatever your business life throws at you.

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£495per month
  • Individual sessions
  • 1 x weekly
  • PLUS access to all group coaching
  • 6 months commitment
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A more intensive program, with weekly 1-to-1 calls to resolve issues and seize opportunities as they arise, and keep you firmly on track to create the ideal work for you to bring your genius to the world

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