Facebook Group

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What is the Facebook community for?

You can use the Facebook Group for pretty much anything you like - apart from blatant self-promotion!  It's a great way to keep in touch with the community between calls and meetings, to share your successes and to ask for help from other Geniuses.  Use it to discuss the topics we cover on the coaching calls, give feedback on what you have tried after Q&A sessions, and to share interesting news and views about the changing nature of work and our relationship with it.

How do I join the group?

You can find the group at www.facebook.com/groups/joyfulgeniuscommunity

To join just click the "Join" button and we will confirm you as soon as we see your request - usually within no more than few hours.  If it goes more than a day, you can (and probably should) email members@joyfulgenius.com to give us a nudge!

We have a special email address set up that allows you to post directly to the group by email: joyfulgeniuscommunity@groups.facebook.com (but remember that whatever you send to that address will go straight into the community timeline).

What are the "rules"?


There are only really two rules: be nice, and stay on topic!

What "on topic" means will quite probably be fairly variable, and may be different for different people.  So please respect each other's views, and take any comments or criticism in the spirit they are intended (or perhaps, if you are in any doubt, the spirit in which you would like them to be intended).

What "nice" means is equally open to interpretation.  The group is a place to explore what is true and real for each of us, so in most cases there will  be no "right" answer in any dialogue (note: "dialogue", not "discussion" or "debate").  A spirit of openness and exploration will get us all much further than one of challenge and debate.  I have generally found that if you think you have the answer, you're almost certainly wrong!

Finally, spam and trying to flog your stuff to the members is definitely not nice!  That doesn't mean you can't let us all know about your latest event or programme, and nor does it mean that if you can help a fellow Genius you have to do it for free*.  Just be sensible.

* A major purpose of the community is to see everyone getting properly paid for bringing their Genius to the world.  If you choose to share your specific expertise with another Genius, think very carefully about whether doing so for free might be disrespecting the unique gift you have been entrusted with.