Q&A Call

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What are the group Q&A sessions?

The group Q&A sessions are your opportunity to ask specific questions about your individual journey to your Joyful Genius, and learn from the experience of others on the call.  Dates for the next sessions are listed on the Community Calendar.  Calls will last for up to an hour, depending on how many questions there are and the depth we get into.

Should I send my question in advance?

You don't have to - there will usually be an opportunity to ask your question live on the call.  And you will generally get a more considered answer if you have submitted your question beforehand, allowing me to do some research and get in touch with the energy of the question.

To be sure your question gets allocated some time in the next session, you can send it two days ahead of the call to qna@joyful-genius.com

Plus, of course, your fellow Geniuses may have some great tips or suggestions for you as well.  And that may spark off additional questions or lines of enquiry for us all.  This is not just about me doling out my wisdom, it's also about the community working together to help everyone bring their Genius to the world more fully and with greater ease and joy!

How do I join in?

Follow the link from the Community Calendar to get all the access details.  You will be asked to register for each call separately, just to give me an idea how many people there will be - but you can always jump on at any time, even if you didn't manage to register.

Because we might need to take a look at something online or on my screen or yours, the best way to take part is on the web from your computer, but you can also use the Startmeeting app on either iPhone or Android - just look for it in the relevant store (just bear in mind that using it will incur data charges if you are not connected to WiFi).  There is also a US-based telephone number you can dial into - this will give you the audio only, you will not be able to see any screen-share.

A tip: one frequent mistake that people make with Startmeeting is they do not click on the green telephone icon to connect to the audio - it goes red when you are connected.