Email coaching

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How to use the email coaching

Your email coaching is designed to give the opportunity to raise issues as they arise, and get a quick response, tailored to your specific situation.  The intention is to keep you engaged and involved with your Joyful Genius, and support you in dealing with the obstacles that come up.

To raise an issue you could do with some help with, all you have to do is send an email to - I suggest you put that in your contacts list now, and also add it to your safe senders list, if you use one, so the reply doesn't go into spam.

If I don't hear from you for a week or so, you will get a nudge - a task, a question, maybe even a challenge - from me.

How quickly will you reply?

To help me prioritise effectively, I operate a star-rating system to determine how quickly I will respond, and I will roll this out to the email coaching.   Standard emails will get a response within two working days (Mon-Fri), and if you need a response quicker than that, you just have to prefix the subject line with 1,2 or 3 stars:

*** = drop everything, I need an answer as soon as humanly possible
(in practice, we'll aim for a couple of hours)

** = really quite urgent (in practical terms, that means within half a day)

* = as soon as you get a minute (my aim will be to get back to you same working day)

To be clear, these are not a 'service level agreement', but we will do everything we can to hit these targets

Is there a limit to how often I can email?


My Operations Manager head says we really should do the "reasonable use policy" thing here.  And we will, to a point - if one member is sending in so many emails that it affects the service to others, then we'll have to have a conversation about the best way I can serve you.  But other than that, there are no limits, you can email whenever something crops up that gets in the way of you using your Genius with joy!