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Juice Up Your


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Love what you do for a living
make a great living doing what you love

In this 12-week live coaching program you will reach a deep understanding of what makes you truly unique, and how you add your magnificent value to the world.

Create a profitable, meaningful and fulfilling business doing work that excites and inspires you ...

  • Turn your individual genius into a healthy income
  • Gain the confidence to charge what you are truly worth
  • Effortlessly attract your perfect clients
    .                              - who love your work as much as you do!

with Andrew Horder MBA

Business and personal growth expert, Joyful Genius Coaching founder, Master NLP Practitioner, Flow Consultant, Performance Coach and Trainer, and crusader for more happiness, fulfillment and joyfulness in business.

Here's what you get with this programme ...

  • 6 Joyful Genius group coaching calls

    Create a complete ROADMAP to learn the dynamics of power, passion and profit, and build a profitable and fulfilling business & life.

  • Wealth Dynamics profile test

    Take the proven WEALTH DYNAMICS profile test to understand your strengths and identify the activities where you are completely and naturally in your Flow.

  • 1-to-1 Wealth Dynamics consultation

    Get a personal 1-to-1 CONSULTATION to help you apply the result of the Wealth Dynamics profile test in discovering the work where you add the most value.

  • 6 Individual Genius Coaching sessions

    For each module, you will have a personal call with your Joyful Genius Coach to implement the concepts in the specific context of YOUR life & business

  • Joyful Genius Inspired Business Blueprint

    This practical and pragmatic blueprint gives you a step-by-step approach to building a successful and profitable business that completely resonates with who you truly are.

  • Discover your
    Core Process

    Learn your unique talent through our #1 CORE PROCESS hack that will guide you to increase your value and create a reliable and sustainable income doing what you love

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Well of course, it's brand new so no-one's actually saying anything yet, except "Where do I sign up?!"

Me! Joyful Genius
And see what they are saying about my other work ...
Jessie Zhu

By combining his business experiences and coaching skills, [Andrew] has done a great job encouraging me to bring more of who I am into what I do (and enjoy doing it!)

Jessie Zhu, Personal and Executive Coach
Helena Holrick

... one of the most grounding and satisfying processes I've done in a long time. I suspect the effects of it will stay with me for a life-time ... the result is an astounding sense of 'rightness' within me ... [Core Being]

Helena Holrick, Helping You Shine
Ruby McGuire

... enables you to have great realisations and gain real clarity ... fascinating, really insightful and acts as a very useful guide in my life/business.

Ruby McGuire, Live Your Life In Colour

Here's what we will cover on each call ...

  • Module 1 - Your Vision

    It is so much easier to get where you want if you know your destination! In this module we delve deep into what’s going to make it all worthwhile – for YOU

  • Call 2 - Your Power

    Understanding your unique talents is key to success, this module is about knowing how you can use them to benefit the people who would love to pay you for your brilliance

  • Call 3 - Your Passion

    This module not just about knowing the work you enjoy, it is also about understanding why you doing it is important for creating a better world – for you and others.

  • Module 4 - Your Tribe

    In this module we identify your ideal clients – the people who really ‘get’ what you can offer.  People who you love to serve, and who are crying out for what you can do for them.

  • Module 5 - Your Model

    This module gets deep into the second part of getting properly paid for your Genius – the exact way you engage with your ideal customers, that makes it easy for them to buy

  • Module 6 - Your Plan

    And finally, we combine everything that has gone before into a robust business plan that resonates 100% with your unique Genius and who you really are in the world.

How each module works ...

Each module runs across two weeks, with a group call in the first week, where we cover the science and theory behind the concepts you will be learning.  And, of course, you agree the actions YOU are going to take.

Then, in week two of each module, we will have an individual 1-to-1 call where we go deep into what's working well for YOU and where you might need to tweak the theory for maximum results in YOUR business.