New Coaching Programme: Juice Up Your Joyful Genius! Take your business and career to the next level by leveraging your unique value ...

In this 6-week live coaching program you will reach a deep understanding of what makes you truly different, and how you add your full value to the world.

Together, we create a plan to turn your unique genius into a healthy income, and to give you the confidence to charge what you are worth, effortlessly attracting your perfect clients who love your work as much as you do!

Special YES! Price £150
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Here's What You Get With this Program ...

  • 6 weekly Joyful Genius Coaching Calls

    Create a 6 week ROADMAP to learn the dynamics of power, passion and profit, and build a profitable and fulfilling business & career.

  • Talent Dynamics Profile Test

    Take the proven TALENT DYNAMICS PROFILE Test to understand your strengths and identify the activities where you are completely in your Flow.

  • 1-to-1 Talent Dynamics Consultation

    Get a personal 1-to-1 CONSULTATION to help you apply the result of the Talent Dynamics Profile Test in discovering the work where you add the most value.

  • Joyful Genius Inspired Business Blueprint

    This practical and pragmatic video gives you a step-by-step approach to building a successful and profitable business you love.

  • 5 Pillars of a Successful Business

    Uncover the 5 PILLARS OF A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS with this planning template to 10x your growth & create a genuinely sustainable income from your Joyful Genius.

  • Discover your Core Process

    Learn your Unique Talent through our #1 CORE PROCESS Hack that will guide you to increase your value and create a reliable and sustainable income.

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