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In case you don't know me yet, I’m a business coach - I work mainly with small business owners who are working too hard for the results they are not achieving.  They get the clarity, confidence and certainty they need to focus on what they do best and they love to do - their "Joyful Genius" Too many people haven’t identified their Genius, and they end up doing everything in the business and anything anyone asks them to do.  In short – they’re Busy Fools! We work together on your process, your business model and most importantly what's going on in your head.  I use hard analysis, systems review and softer tools like NLP and Talent Dynamics. I believe we all have not just a right, but a duty, to find joy in our work - that means that when you work with me you not only get the results you truly deserve, we thoroughly enjoy getting you there.

Here’s what you will get
from this powerful
half-day workshop:

Money and Magnificence
  • Discover your unique genius
  • Harness even more of You
  • Create maximum impact and maximum income
  • Gain the confidence to charge what you are really worth
  • Articulate your unique value from a place of ease and grace and joyfulness
  • Love what you do for a living, make a living doing what you love