Monday Morning Blues?

How’s your job satisfaction?

What do Monday mornings feel like to you?  The alarm goes off while you’re still fast asleep, you half-open one eye and flail around until you find the snooze button.  And the damn thing’s doing it again before you’re even half-way ready to crawl out of bed, shuffle to the shower, crawl to the kitchen for an emergency caffeine infusion.  Cursing, you head out the door: “Oh Gawd! I gotta go to work today!”

Job satisfaction = low, correct?

So what does great job satisfaction feel like?

The clock clicks over to 7am, but you’re already awake, thinking about all the cool things you’re going to get done today.  Pulling back the covers, you leap out of bed and bounce singing into the shower.  A leisurely fruit juice with your breakfast, and you’re ready to head out the door: “Oh good – I get to go to work today!”

How to get great job satisfaction

There is no magic bullet to great job satisfaction – but more than half the battle is down to how you respond to your work.  Yes, sure it helps if you are fortunate enough (not lucky – see this post: “Only lazy people work“) to do work that you love – but you can find job satisfaction in pretty much any kind of work, IF you choose to.  You see, being happy is always a choice.  In my life, I’ve known people with all sorts of problems, things that would have most of us weeping at our misfortune, and yet who remain ridiculously happy with their lot.  So surely we can respond to a job that’s maybe not our perfect vocation with a degree of good humour?

There are loads of ways to increase your job satisfaction (read my book The A to Z of Loving Work for some suggestions), but by far the best way is to just decide to enjoy your work.


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Andrew Horder

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