Only Lazy People Work!

Job Satisfaction Takes Effort

So, there I was a few years ago at a ‘how-to-become a billionaire’ seminar, and the guy on the stage (Aussie Rob, stock trainer, in case you’re interested) said just that – “Only lazy people work!”  Now, I’d come from an old-fashioned English middle-class family – my Dad was an accountant, my Mum worked part-time as a secretary – and I’d been trying to follow the suggested path – get a degree (OK, not a great one), get a job (not a bad one, in  the end), good protestant work ethic, and this guy  was telling me all my hard work was … because I’m lazy!!  WTF??!!  What sort of job satisfaction advice is that?

Well, actually he’s right.  You see, the people who toddle along every day to work in an office they find oppressive, with people they don’t really like, doing work they find boring (or worse), because they think that’s somehow their duty – to make themselves miserable to earn a few bucks – those people are only living that downtrodden, boring, fed-up life because they haven’t done the initial hard graft to find a better way to make a living.

Job Satisfaction is not a right

In fact, most of them haven’t even done the research to know what kind of work they would really love to do, work that brings them real job satisfaction.  So they stick with the same old boring, miserable, soul-squashing work. Until they retire – usually when they’re too old to enjoy the free time.

Take time now for future job satisfaction

So Don’t be lazy – wouldn’t it be far better to do the hard yards now to understand what you love to do, what gives you real job satisfaction, and to find a way to get paid for doing it?

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