Playing big on a small field?

On the Access Consciousness class I was on last weekend, I was challenged about one of the things I have believed about my business – namely that I could best serve the world by focusing on individual business owners.  My argument has always been that it is far easier to step into your Joyful Genius if you are the decision-maker in the business. And I still believe that is true – I’m not about to abandon my conscious business-owner tribe, they are such fun to work with!

But that doesn’t mean that it’s not totally possible to bring your full genius to your work just because you choose to work for someone else.  It just takes a little more work to find a boss, and a company to work for, where your genius can be truly appreciated.  Or indeed to train an existing boss to appreciate what unleashing the potency of the whole of your unique Joyful Genius could do for them!

The challenge did me a huge favour – it made me realise that I have been playing smaller than I needed to.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not playing small within the context of my individual business-owners tribe – for example, one of my targets for this year is to speak to at least one audience of 500+ conscious business-people.  But nonetheless, I have been restricting my impact – there are far more unhappy employees out there than there are struggling entrepreneurs.  And a ridiculous quantity of untapped potential and stupid amounts of wasted genius.

I am not yet completely sure exactly how I am going to go about tapping into that need.  A great place to start is probably my “Unleash Your Genius” eCourse (the 50% offer is still on, so feel free to tell your employed friends about it – just use code Joyful17 at checkout).  And also watch this space for new material that is designed with specifically those kind of people in mind.

So my challenge for you is: where in your business (or your life) have you been playing smaller than you need to?

And … what are you going to do about it?

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