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Why job satisfaction is good business

I was at a networking breakfast this morning – as we went round the table, you could really tell, just from the “elevator pitches” who had found real joy in their work, and who was taking it all a bit seriously (I’ll leave it to the others to judge which side I was on).  The joyful ones, those who have found their ideal work, who are clearly living their passion, simply radiate positive, optimistic, vibrant energy.  Their joy makes them a joy to be around, the light of their unique ‘joyful genius’ gives them an irresistible glow that you just want to be close to.

Imagine how it would be if your teams all had that glow of true job satisfaction – how much easier would it be for them to engage with their colleagues and customers?  And what impact do you think that would have on team or employee engagement, and on customer retention?  And on the bottom-line profits of your business?  Where would you rather spend your money – where the people you buy from are grumpy and resentful, or where they greet you with a smile and a real passion for their work?

The dream of job satisfaction

Yet so many of us get all serious as soon as we start “work”.  For the lucky ones, that seriousness is just for the duration of the working day – for others, it starts from the moment they leave full-time education, and hardly ends until the day they retire.  Job satisfaction for them is a distant memory, maybe even an impossible dream – how horrible!

Lighten up, folks – we spend far too much time at work for it not to be a joyful and fun experience.

Let’s make job satisfaction real!

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