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"5 BIG things conscious coaches, consultants & therapists
KEEP getting wrong ... and how to avoid them"





Tues Dec 6th
8:00 PM London
3:00 PM Eastern
12:00 Noon Pacific 

Weds Dec 7th
4:00 PM London
11:00 AM Eastern
8:00 AM Pacific 

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  • 1

    Why RESONANCE is essential to your business

    and how you can achieve it with ease

  • 2

    How to get customers ASKING to work with you

    so you don't have to sell to them at all

  • 3

    The value of bringing your WHOLE self to your work

    and the surprising reason people don't do it

  • 4

    How to LOVE what you do for a living

    AND make a living doing what you love

  • 5

    The 5 BIG mistakes people KEEP making

    that hold them back from a living they love

We are on a mission ...

... to show conscious coaches, consultants and healers how they can build a successful business with ease and joy, making proper money and loving their living.

Between us, we’ve studied many successful and unsuccessful attempts to start coaching, consulting and healing practices, which has led us to identify 5 key elements that were present in those that worked, and in those that struggled at least one of them was missing.

In this webinar we are going to share with you the five things that people like you keep getting wrong, so you can put them right straight away.

Knowing what you need to be doing - and just as importantly, in what order - means you can finally have that thriving practice you’ve always wanted.

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Andrew Horder

Andrew is an author, coach and NLP Master Practitioner helping entrepreneurs and executives discover their genius, those activities and opportunities that they really love, and that will produce their lasting success. Founder of Joyful Genius Coaching, and creator of the innovative Opportunity Matrix prioritisation tool, Andrew brings to his work an unusual combination of deep logical analysis and an abiding interest in people and their human motivations. His first book, “The A to Z of Loving Work” is available from Amazon.

Ian MacMillan

Ian is a reformed tech genius. After studying engineering at one of the worlds most prestigious schools (Imperial College, London), he designed fighter jets, one of the world's first securities trading systems, helped two major banks to never run out of money and has rescued numerous mission critical change programmes. But two chance discussions with his inner network led me down a different path. The first uncovered his Core Process as "Seeing The Way", creating certainty out of confusion. The second led to being trained by a top internet marketer how Facebook marketing really works and how to build out effective sales "funnels". The founder of The Change Maker Group called Ian a "Marketing Genius", and even the head of Facebook UK was amazed at how he had used Facebook to place ads with pinpoint precision. And after testing out hundreds of tools and techniques, he's found a marketing system so simple a complete beginner to use it - one powerful enough to support you however successful you become...and his real work...."Seeing The Way" you can do what you do without worrying about technology and systems.

WARNING:  We only have 50 spots on our live system available so register now to avoid missing out.  This training is packed with high quality content that others charge a lot of money for, and will fill up very fast!

This one will be no exception. So claim your spot below!

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