Sick of struggling to find clients who really appreciate [what you do] [your work], leaving you [scared] [fearing] [afraid] you’ll have to admit defeat and go back to a job?

Discover what really makes you shine using our unique Core Process discovery and build a real sustainable business doing [the work you were put on the planet to do] [work so aligned with who you are at the core] that you cannot help but create [dozens] [hundreds] of raving fans and paying clients.

The programme has 3 overlapping parts:


Solid foundation based on your unique Genius

Too many business development programmes start in the middle - and without the foundation of truly understanding the source of your value for your clients, it's hard to connect with your audience at the deep level that's required. Powerful Core Being sessions help you understand your:

Core Process - that one thing you do to add so much value

Core Purpose - the BIG reason why you are even on the planet

Core Practice - the day-to-day activities that create your results


Certainty, clarity and confidence to really deliver!

A big thing that holds [people] back from getting properly paid for their gift is a lack of belief in their ability to produce results. Using a combination of advanced mindset tools and hacks, we identify and then blow away your most stubborn limiting beliefs, allowing you to go confidently out into the world and charge appropriately for your immense value.

Blocks - blowing away those stubborn limiting beliefs that are secretly holding you back and sabotaging your success
Drivers - the core values that identify what is important to you and the kind of being you want to be in your business
Motivation - what really gets you moving towards your ultimate goals and using that to create impetus for you and your business


A structure to consistently bring you an abundance of great paying clients

This is where the rubber hits the road, and we set a direction and design a business model that makes it easy for you to attract [plenty of] your perfect clients, so you get to serve [loads of] exciting [people] and get properly paid

Get Customers: A Stand-Out product & an effective marketing funnel for qualified prospects and clients
Deliver: reliable system making it easy to create consistent results for your clients
Scale: In-built scalability for growth and a sustainable business