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Loving Work: Fulfilment from taking control

This came through on an e-mail from my friend Laith Hofayz, successful corporate trainer and MD of ImpactSkills Training:

A very quick tip for you… I think this beautifully articulates what we know we should be doing, but don’t necessarily do.   By one of my favourite speakers / authors Dr. John Demartini.

Any area of your life that is not empowered will be overpowered.  If you don’t fill each day with high priority actions, your day will fill up with low priorities.  If you don’t clearly define, plan and pursue your highest aspirations in your career you will keep being positioned in low priority positions that are unfulfilling.

I think Dr Demartini has hit the nail on the head there – if we want to be fulfilled in our work, it’s up to us to prioritise the kind of work that fulfils us.  If we have bosses or clients who keep giving us work that doesn’t light us up, it’s up to us to do something about it, not them.  We can start by telling them what we’d rather be doing.  And if they can’t provide that sort of work, we need to take responsibility for finding someone who can.

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