Tell the tale, make the sale

I continually talk about how each of us has a unique genius, that literally nobody can replicate.  We have each taken a unique journey through life, and it’s those experiences that combine to create your unique outlook on life.  And your unique motivation to do what you do.

You have probably heard the expression “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” (attributed to Theodore Roosevelt).  While that’s true, what they really want to understand is WHY you care.

When people know the story behind why it is that you do the work you do, they feel much more sure that your heart is going to be in it. That gives them confidence that you will be doing a great job for them.  And that makes it so much easier for them to hire you.

Go on, share the story of what got you doing what you do in the comments below.

PS: I’ll go first: I made the decision to leave a successful corporate career, and stop trying to be someone I wasn’t, the day my boss was more concerned about his sales pitch getting messed up by me falling ill than he was about my wellbeing.  And I made the decision that I was going to become a coach the day I was raving to one of my mentors about how important it was that someone got people doing work they actually love, and he looked me in the eye and quietly said: “Someone? Why not you?”

And I realised at that moment, my life’s work has always been about giving people the courage to be as brilliant as they truly can be.

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Andrew Horder

Founder of Joyful Genius Coaching, Andrew has been working with business owners for many years, helping them find and maintain their unique focus - those activities and opportunities that they love, and will produce their success, what Andrew calls your Joyful Genius! Andrew's first book, The A to Z of Loving Work is available from Amazon

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