The Man Who Fell To Earth

This morning, I saw a great Facebook post in my news-feed:


David Bowie FB post

On Monday there were a great many articles celebrating the life and work of this now-departed (from this current reality at least) genius.  And the one that contained the phrase that best summed up what set Bowie apart from all the other brilliant singers, songwriters, actors, activists, philosophers and poets of this age, was written by Sam Leith in The Standard.  The phrase: “Nothing so trite as joy, … Nothing so banal as cool, … Rather, a strangeness, a flavour of possibility.”

That, for me, was the essence of Bowie and his genius – he refused to be normal, was constantly playing with what might be, always exploring the edges of a new normality.  And each time he did so, he made the world a different, better place, where what was once extreme was no longer too far, where more became possible, for him and for us all.

There are weirder theories than the one that Bowie was really an alien, come to earth to show a different possibility – he was certainly out of this world a lot of the time!

So my challenge for you today is, just how strange are you willing to be?

And for the fans amongst us, here’s a little reminder:

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