The only constant is change

Have you ever heard the quote from the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus: “No man ever steps in the same river twice; for it is not the same river, and he is not the same man”?

What he meant by that was, just as the water in the river flows off, to be replaced by new water, a new river if you like, we too are constantly changing.  The very act of stepping in the river gives us a new experience, and a new perspective – one which we didn’t have before.  So the person stepping into the ‘new’ river is subtly different from the one before.  And that’s without taking into account all the other things he has got up to since that first paddle.

All very philosophical – but what does it mean for us, in practical terms?

It means we have to acknowledge that we will change.  Even if you think yesterday was “just a normal day”, things happened in an order that have you have never experienced before, and in ways that are subtly different to how you have previously experienced them.  As ‘Socrates’ teaches Dan Millman in Way of the Peaceful Warrior: “there are no ordinary moments”.  And all those extraordinary moments will make us, just slightly, but very definitely, a different person.

Trying to stay the same is a fool’s errand – you simply cannot be today exactly who you were yesterday.  Indeed, if you really believe you are identical today to who you were yesterday, then you wasted yesterday.

You either failed to notice the new experiences, or you failed to learn from them.  Instead of allowing that change to make you feel uncomfortable, or to start doubting yourself, be open to it, embrace it, and stop worrying if you find your views becoming different to who you thought you were.  Because learning to become, on a daily basis, more of who you really are is fundamental to living your Joyful Genius.


Remember who you really are

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Andrew Horder

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