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The power of Intention

Intention, attachment & expectation

One of the best things you can do to allow you to make a living from your Joyful Genius is to set an intention that you can.

And one of the worst ways is to have an expectation that it’s going to happen in a particular way. So I’m regularly advising clients to go into meetings etc with no attachment to a specific outcome.

You might see that as a bit of a contradiction: have an intention that something will happen, but no expectation that it must.

But intention and expectation are completely different things.  When you hold an intention about something, but you aren’t attached to the outcome, you are making space for it to happen. When you have an expectation about it, you can’t help but be attached to the outcome.  It has to happen – anything else is a fail, by definition.

Keep it as an intention and a possibility, not a demand or a request. Don’t ask for what you would love to have  – even of the Universe – just put it out there as a possibility to explore, while keeping your intention on it.

Intention = possibility & therefore expansive.

Expectation = demand & therefore limitation.

Which do you create in your work and life?

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash


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