The Resonance Factor Formula

Continuing our theme of the INSPIRED Business Blueprint, we are now ready to step into the final of the “3 Steps to Genius”, Step Out – taking your genius out into the world with a clear, congruent and confident offer that truly serves your ideal customer.

That starts with working out who you want to be working for and what you want to do for them. You need people who you are in tune with, and a proposition that resonates with their needs and desires. Enter the Resonance FACTOR Formula:

Here’s how the formula works:


Another word for this is your tribe, the people who get what you are about, and who matter to you.  Knowing what they want, and also what they need (not always the same thing!) is essential.


You can’t serve everybody, even within your following, so build up a detailed picture of 2-3 key buyer personas, or ‘avatars’. These will be the people you design your proposition around.  Building up a useful Avatar can take a lot of work, and I’m not going to go into the detail of how to do it here.

I spend a long time on this with my private clients.  There are lots of useful tools available on the web, or you can use the one I’ve linked to at the end of this post.


What are your Avatars struggling with in their businesses and lives, and what are they desperate for someone to fix for them? Your proposition needs to offer a general solution to these issues.

Remember that their challenges can also be not knowing how to seize an opportunity – not all challenges are problems!


Start with a general survey, with targeted ads to get replies from the right people (your avatars).  A few more detailed one-to-one calls with a selection of responders will make your proposition resonate more closely with your audience.

Those calls have an additional benefit, too.  Your survey and follow-up conversations highlight to you the best target audience.  And they also highlight to your target audience that a solution is on the way, creating excitement before you even release it.

Open up

Now create a pilot product and test it with real clients.  Be honest and tell them they are your beta testers –and offer them a better deal, that takes account of that.

“A better deal” doesn’t have to be just a better price, you might offer something else that will make being part of the pilot attractive.  I often make sure participants in a pilot programme get far more attention than those in the ‘production’ version.  And a lot of people just like being the first to get access to something new.


As you deliver your pilot, get lots of information from your customers about how well it met their needs. Then iron out any wrinkles to make it a  better customer experience.

The simplest way is to get a written review.  And, of course, remember to get them to agree upfront that if the product hits the spot, they’ll tell all their friends!

Start resonating right now!

Probably the best first thing to do right now is to have a go at creating your ideal customer avatar – there’s a neat little tool on my website here:


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