Timing, Tapas and Temperanillo

We thought we had it all nicely planned one evening while we were in Spain last month.  Off to the nice eclectic restaurant we found the night before in Granada, then back to the AirB’n’B to listen to the annual global webcast from someone we both follow.

The previous evening we had kind of abused (inadvertently, honest) the free tapas thing some places do in Spain (apparently), and ended up having near enough a full meal each, and a few glasses of wine, for under a tenner!  So we wanted to give them some proper business by ordering the actual meals we originally intended to have the last night, before we got into the tapas thing.

We had the timings down pat: at the restaurant by 6:00 (we eat early by continental standards), away again by 7:30, back indoors and ready to log in by 8:00.  Except when we got there, they were shut – it seems they don’t do Wednesdays!  Somewhat disheartened and rather thrown off track, we briefly considered just grabbing a take-away and heading back, but chose instead that we would rather find somewhere else to eat, and make do with the replay of the webcast.

We wandered about the area for a bit, checking out various places for somewhere that looked half-decent and had a reasonable veggie option.  Finally Daniela found the offer of a vegetable lasagne at a place that looked OK from the outside. But when we went in, I got a big energetic No about eating there, so we left.

We ended up at the local specialist veggie restaurant near the flat, and decided to give it a try. They had one table left, for two, and we had a lovely meal, and a couple of very nice glasses of red wine, all for a very reasonable price (though not quite as cheap as the night before!)  As we finished our main course, I looked at my watch; it was only 7:30!  So even after a nice unhurried meal we still had time to get back and watch the global webcast.

And the point of the story: in the past, I would have ignored my knowing, and we would have settled ourselves down in that other restaurant, and given up on our plans to experience the webcast live.

As it was, I listened, and we ended up getting everything we desired.

Do you have any stories of times when your genius and intuition guided you well?

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