An essential part of happiness at work

This month’s article from Jan Polak, co-founder of Talent Dynamics, focuses on the importance of trust in business, not only from the perspective of happiness at work, but also hard-nosed bottom-line profits.  But, Jan says, because it’s hard to measure, it often gets pushed onto the back burner -and that’s a mistake.  That leads to business decisions that destroy trust – either immediately or in the longer term.  And if you’ve ever worked for a company that is not trusted by its customers, staff and suppliers, then you know how uncomfortable that can be.

Trust for happiness at work

In my book, The A to Z of Loving work, “T” stands for Trust.  Because that book is focused very clearly on what you can do to increase your happiness at work, I specifically talk about how trust affects you, as opposed to the business as a whole.  I identify three areas in which trust leads to happiness at work: trust that you will be treated right, trust others have in your abilities and integrity, and trust you have in theirs.  Jan’s article highlights the importance of being trusted by those outside of the business – suppliers, customers and the market as a whole – on not only the success of the business, but also how enjoyable it will be to work there – how much happiness at work.

Flow for happiness at work

When you are feeling trusted in your job – your colleagues believe in your ability to do the work, and to treat them right, your clients know you will do a good and fair job for them, and you know yourself that you are brilliant at the job and delivering great value for clients, bosses and colleagues – then it’s much easier to get into your flow.  That state of just getting on with work that you are brilliant at, and you love to do – your Joyful Genius in my terms – makes work so much fun, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Like Confucius say: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.  An important part of finding that job, is to find a trusted and trusting work environment – that way lies real happiness at work.

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