We don’t always get it right

Back in 2011 in this talk at the Yes Group, I talked about how what we focus on can make a difference to how easily our lives go.  In particular, I talked about the importance of putting our focus on the good stuff in life, if that’s what we want to attract.  Watch the video, and then read on for a laugh …

Coming back from a meeting in London today, I got off my train to find it was pouring with rain.  Five minutes before, it had been bright sunshine – in fact the sun was still trying to shine through the rain – and I found myself muttering and mumbling about the “bl**dy weather” as I grumpily hauled my waterproof out of my bag.  I stepped out of the station, head down, trying to ignore the rain, and nearly bumped into the lady in front of me.

She had stopped, looking at the sky in wonder – and as I followed her gaze, I realised there was a beautiful full-arc double rainbow standing out brightly against the black clouds to the East.  My Joyful Genius logo contains a rainbow, so I can only take that as a fantastic omen for the business – and there I was moaning about the rain that created it!

The meeting I was at today was with a group of other personal development professionals, and one of the things we discussed was that we don’t have to be perfect all the time – in fact, being on our own journey makes us more real for the people we work with.  That’s an important point – even when we have owned, and owned up to, our Joyful Genius, we don’t have to get it right all the time.

And that’s not just an excuse for sometimes forgetting my own lessons, honest!

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Andrew Horder

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